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Added: 30 April 2014
By: Trainguy15

Quis diligit me.

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Quis diligit me. Empty Quis diligit me.

Post by Quis diligit me. on Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:15 pm

hu to no me ho tu. Ie hae te gi. hie li e hu. Ta re se tu mo. nu tu me hae,nondumque victa lacteum frago. te si su mi tim gu ta pinapple. Numquam oblitus mi hors ie mu te. Le mi cu me ta so tu si pi hu. humanum vei humana, vos amictiti. vei teh tie o me. O teh se nu lo que ti se. VII vei V vei VI. Hei to hu o mi of it it.
Quis diligit me.
At least I did something...
At least I did something...

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