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Added: 30 April 2014
By: Trainguy15

How It Works

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How It Works Empty How It Works

Post by TCO POOKY! Forum Admin on Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:22 pm

When you post a topic submission, please refer to the following points:

Brief Description:
Age recommendation:
Additional Info:

You will know if your topic has been approved if there is a green bar on the right-hand side of your submission. If you see a red bar, the topic was not accepted. If this does happen to you, feel free to ask us why we disapproved. After that, your post will be deleted in 5 days.

Your topics are open to anybody, so please do not exclude. But if you find a member spamming your topic, please report them to an administrator or moderator.
TCO POOKY! Forum Admin
TCO POOKY! Forum Admin

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